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The Latino community is making itself felt more and more in Kansas.

Wichita Kansas | August 4, 2023

There is no doubt that the Latino population continues to grow throughout the country, as has been predicted in recent years.

On July 14, 2023 a Latino Leadership Luncheon was held in Wichita Kansas that collaboratively brought together local organizations to launch a non-partisan Latino civic engagement program in Kansas.

Latinos in Kansas
A group picture after the luncheon captured some of the attendees. Picture by the Kansas Latino Community Network

Almost 100 Latino leaders from every congressional district in Kansas gathered in Wichita for the Latino Leadership Luncheon hosted by the Kansas Latino Community Network. The event was organized in collaboration with other organizations including: Advocates for Immigrant Rights and Reconciliation, Alce Su Voz, and The Voter Network.

This event was a networking opportunity, encouraging collaborative relationships between leaders, and a chance for organizations to learn from each other. The Latino Leadership Luncheon also marked the launch of the Kansas Latino Community Network’s non-partisan civic engagement efforts. “Our organization is actively developing and hosting programming aimed at fostering community collaboration and increasing Latino civic engagement in Kansas” said Aude Negrete, Executive Director of the Kansas Latino Community Network.

The Kansas Latino Community Network is a non-profit non-partisan organization offering Latino leadership development, and driving non-partisan civic engagement initiatives that are shaping the future of Kansas. Latinos will be a deciding block in the upcoming and future elections. The organization’s successful events are a powerful statement about the power of Latino Kansans.

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