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Planeta Venus celebrates Women's History Month in Wichita

Wichita Kansas | March 7, 2023

During the 70s, women were hardly in textbooks and were not taken into account at professional levels or important decisions, generating frustration and leading to the creation of a month to commemorate how women claimed their place in the history books.

The UN proclaimed March 8 as Women's Day in 1975 and from there arose Women's Month.

It is no longer a secret that the Latino community in the United States is growing and the role of Latina women is becoming increasingly important. The Nielsen Latina Power Shift report highlights the role of Hispanic women and their growing strength in numbers, economic contribution, buying and consumption behavior.

According to the Nielsen report, Latinas are becoming the engine of growth of the female population in the US and are expected to reach 30% of this total population in 2060. Latinas are contributing to the change in the family model, nearly a quarter (23%) of all births in the U.S. in 2011 were to a Latina mother, and nearly two-thirds (63%) of Hispanic families have children under the age of 18, compared to 40% of non-Hispanic white women.

Latinas are changing their conventional roles by becoming more and more the main source of household income – thus changing the face of the dynamics of Latino households with traditional male-dominated families – allowing them to make decisions primarily or together, in the categories of food, insurance, financial services, electronics and family care.

Nielsen's "Latina Power Shift" study provides key indicators on the buying behavior, lifestyle aspirations, cultural aspects, and media consumption of this important demographic, revealing the following:

86% of Latinas say that a woman is the primary buyer in their homes, controlling most of the $1.2 trillion of annual Latino purchasing power in the U.S.

67% of Latina graduate women are enrolled in college, a higher percentage than Hispanic men (61%) and slightly more than non-Latina women (72%).

Most Latinas pride themselves on their duality and want to switch to the bicultural concept. 71% consider themselves culturally more American, and 50% consider themselves more Latino.

The percentage of households with Latinas 18 and older earning $75,000 or more annually grew five points over the past 10 years, from 16% to 21%, and those households with an annual income of $25,000 or more decreased six points, from 33% to 27%.

Latinas own smartphones 77% more than non-Hispanic white women 55%.

15% of Latina women mainly use Spanish to surf the Internet and 31% use Spanish and English equally.

When Latinas search for information online, recipes top the list, followed by music, health, beauty, and celebrations.

Today Latina women from Wichita gathered at a luncheon hosted by Planeta Venus at Los Compadres Mexican Grill, to celebrate Women's History Month. Attendees shared experiences, exchanged information about their projects and businesses. Some of them received gifts from local women's businesses.

Beautiful women from Wichita and surrounding areas celebrating Women's Month at Los Compadres Mexican Grill. Lunch organized by Planeta Venus

"I really liked the event. I got out of the daily routine plus it was a pleasure to talk with everyone, all pretty women." Ayde Bailón, one of the attendees, told us.

The name of our media (Planeta Venus, inspired by the title of the book "Men are from mars, Women are from venus") wants to highlight the strength of Latinas as leaders in our families (sometimes executing that leadership in silence), who seek in every way the well-being and success of the family members, even if at times that means to sacrifice their own dreams and desires.

"It is imperative for Latina women to know the importance of their place in our society, we need to feel supported and safe. We are women who have the power to heal ourselves, our families, our community, and the entire world. We are healers," shared Claudia Amaro, founder of Planeta Venus and organizer of the event.

Planeta Venus’ team keeps growing and is formed by Latina women with cultural and generational diversity. Today we are happy to celebrate with beautiful women from our community. Planeta Venus appreciates the continued support as we look for different ways to serve our Spanish speaking community through our various platforms. People who are not in social media can visit our website directly to read news, listen to the radio, look for and add events and businesses. We are on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and YouTube. People can also sign up to receive the news in Spanish directly on their phone by texting the word NOTICIAS to 316-844-1325.

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