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Planeta Venus Media started as a Radio talk show in 2015. It was created to connect and communicate to the Latino community in the Wichita, Kansas area. This arose from the inspiration of Claudia Yaujar-Amaro and the support and collaboration of La Raza 99.7 FM, a local Radio station.

The objective of the show was to entertain, inform and open a space for the Latino community in the area to share their stories.


Where did the name came from? The name was inspired by the book "Men are from Mars, Women of Venus", by the author John Gray. Claudia wanted to open a space that would cover all kinds of topics and would welcome everyone who spoke Spanish to the show. It was intended to speak to women in the Latino community to empower them and inform the family.  At first the time of the show was challenging, it was on Mondays at 8 p.m. Soon people started to listen and got engaged with topics of general interest. Planeta Venus now streams via the internet to continue to entertain and inform Latinos across Kansas and around the world. People can download the app to listen music, our podcast and to read the news. 


In 2022, Planeta Venus officially became a newsroom and we are now printing 3,000 newspapers which are distributed through 70+ businesses in Wichita, Emporia, Coffeyville, Great Bend, Lyons, and southwest Kansas. The newspaper is in Spanish but you can also read our stories in English on our website. Around the same time we launched our weekly newsletter which is distributed via email and text, our subscriptions continue to grow. 

In 2023, we started organizing community events which were well attended by Latinos. We can proudly say that we are the most trusted Spanish media in south Kansas. We are creating a big impact with our Journalism. 

We are the right platform for you to advertise to Latinos. We can help you with planning, translation, and implementation of the best strategies to reach out to Latinos. Take the opportunity and support the work we are doing to ensure a well informed community.

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We are the most trusted Spanish media in south Kansas. 

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